Roundtable 8 – Women in technology

In our eighth roundtable session as part of the national Recovery Roadmap program, the group discussed how Women are underrepresented in tech — a recent poll said only 8% of women hold tech roles as software engineers. A diverse workforce makes better businesses; how do we work better to support marginalised talent to step up and lead in the public & private sector? What role does technology play in improving our businesses and organisations?

We are significantly pushing women out. We are already falling behind in terms of skills and making progress in this space. If you look at the data around women in STEM, the progress we’ve been making on getting young women into STEM is 0.25% each year, for the past four years. So in four years, we’ve increased the number of women in STEM by 1%.

Zara Nanu, Global Future Council at World Economic Forum, CEO at Gapsquare

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In the UKTCG’s third roundtable event, a panel of experts explore how digital skills and capabilities will be essential in the new normal enabling the UK’s economic recovery.

  1. Ben Shorrock, Managing Director TechSPARK, UKTCG Steering Board
  2. Sarah Fry, Research & Development, TechnologyOne
  3. Zara Nanu, Global Future Council at World Economic Forum, CEO at Gapsquare
  4. Marina Traversari, Global Head of Startup Ecosystem, Telecom Infra Project
  5. Katie Gallagher, MD, Manchester Director, Director Digital Her
  6. Lucy Paine, Director, Tech Swindon
  7. Jess Philips, Enterprise Innovation Manager, Tramshed Tech

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