Roundtable 5 – COVID Learnings: UK Public Sector

In our fifth roundtable session as part of the national Recovery Roadmap program, the group discussed what their experience of the coronavirus outbreak can tell us about the future role, priorities and shape of public services. The session focussed on four key areas: the integration of services; inequalities in access and outcome; the relationship between local and national services; and the role of civil society—the private sector, charities, volunteers and community groups—during coronavirus.

One thing I’ve noticed is it’s much harder to produce serendipity in innovation. A lot of our projects start from bumping into someone on the way to the train station or similar. We’re lucky living and working in Oxford.  Without those accidental moments it’s become harder and we have to work on it much more. 

Llewelyn Morgan, Head of Innovation, Oxfordshire County Council

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In the UKTCG’s third roundtable event, a panel of experts explore how digital skills and capabilities will be essential in the new normal enabling the UK’s economic recovery.

  1. Ben Shorrock, UK Tech Cluster Group Director
  2. Ian Owen, General Manager Public Sector, TechnologyOne 
  3. Claire Main, Economic Development Officer, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council
  4. Rachel Burdis, Inward Investment Manager, Invest North East England 
  5. Sarah Talbot, Head of Innovation, Swindon Borough Council 
  6. David Henderson, Head of Transformation, Hargreaves Lansdown 
  7. Llewelyn Morgan, Head of Innovation, Oxfordshire County Council 
  8. Declan Murphy, Economic Development Projects Officer, Bristol City Council 
  9.  Ethan Wroe, Policy Support Officer at Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

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