Roundtable 7 – Reskilling to drive technology employment

In our seventh  roundtable session as part of the national Recovery Roadmap program, the group discussed how stakeholders from across government, local authorities, and enterprise partnerships help us to create awareness of the jobs available in the tech sector and to undertake positive action to reskill people to fill these roles.

We  do lots of research, but also,  part of the purpose of our pilots will be gathering further information about skills need. These projects are quite short, a year or 18 months, so we’ll have good needs information from business and better be  able to identify the plans for bigger programmes. Alongside this we have skills boards made up of industry leaders in different sectors advising us.

Jane Vivian People and Skills Programme Manager, West of England Combined Authority

Watch the roundtable discussion

In the UKTCG’s third roundtable event, a panel of experts explore how digital skills and capabilities will be essential in the new normal enabling the UK’s economic recovery.

  1. Ben Shorrock, Managing Director TechSPARK, UKTCG Steering Board 
  2. Jonathan Williamson, SaaS Platform Director, TechnologyOne 
  3.  Scott Murphy, Managing Director, HdE TALENT 
  4. Robert Walker, Strategic Project Manager Digital Skills for Employability, Sheffield City Council 
  5. Rob Dawson, Enterprise Officer, Bath & North East Somerset Council 
  6. Caitlin Davies  Senior Manager Economy Skills and Natural Resources, Welsh Government 
  7. Jane Vivian, People and Skills Programme Manager, West of England Combined Authority

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