Ecosystems of Innovation

Four big ideas to harness tech’s potential across the UK

Four big ideas to harness 

tech’s potential across the


What's in the report:

The UKTCG represent the digital economy at the grassroots across the United Kingdom. The launch of our report in Parliament on 9th January 2024 is the start of our annual engagement process exploring the policies, reforms and ambition that are needed to unlock the potential of tech for all businesses, people and places.

Our report outlines ‘Four Big Ideas’ to transform our economy:

A globally competitive tech
talent pipeline in every region

We can ensure our economy drives social mobility and creates opportunity for all by developing an Apprenticeship Levy which works for SMEs; helping businesses to take on tech talent; improving Local Skills Improvement Plans; and better engaging grassroots industry in a fast-moving sector which needs better coordination between people, industry and education.

Driving digital innovation
at the foundations

We can ensure all businesses are able to understand and benefit from the opportunities which tech brings, through Cluster organisations taking on LEP Growth Hubs’ former role; co-designing a ‘Help to Grow’ successor delivered locally; and providing Leadership and Management support for tech SMEs.

A UK innovation policy which
gives every place a chance

We can embed tech at the heart of regional development strategies by building and implementing ‘Distributed Innovation Programmes’ that design-in collaboration with ambitious companies – and by embedding the benefits of flagship national R&D programmes locally through engagement with Cluster Organisations.

Mobilising ecosystems to help
businesses to start and grow

And finally, we can recognise that ‘place’ matters – by providing Tax Credit enhancements for innovation outside of the ‘Golden Triangle’; committing to an Annual Baseline report to support ecosystems; and introducing ‘Local Innovation Frameworks’ with clear KPIs to ensure publicly-funded innovation partners understand and outline how they will drive regional economic development.

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