The UK Tech Cluster Group is committed to ensuring that the UK’s regions and nations have access to diverse and highly skilled workforces that support the levelling-up agenda and drive regional economies.

Digital skills will be an enabler of the UK’s economic recovery. However, it is a complex picture and requires UK-wide collaboration between government, education and industry to ensure that provision is equitable across the country. Provision needs to be sustainable and delivered with local expertise in direct response to employer need. 

Digital skills provision is broad and the UKTCG uses the following terms to define the difference in the need from the technology industry, the wider business community and society.

  • The creation of Proficient Users of Digital Technology in all sectors with the purpose of ensuring everyone can have the best employment and career development opportunities whilst ensuring the businesses they work in operate as productively as possible.
  • The development of Critical Thinkers to Understand and Exploit Digital Adoption, so that they can embed the use of digital across all sectors to increase productivity and efficiency.  They will be equipped to understand the benefits of digital technology and build its use into business strategies and delivery plans, either through commissioning external contractors or driving internal upskilling.
  • Ensuring we have the indigenous Technical Capability to Build Innovative Digital Products and Services. This will ensure our tech sector continues to grow, both through the creation of more businesses as well as an ample supply of technical employees.

The UK Tech Cluster Group recently conducted a survey to understand the impact of the pandemic on the tech employment landscape. To find out more click here.